Every Monday morning, 92.9 and 96.5 WBPM awards free food 
to people who are blastin the biggest hits of all time at work!

Enter your office to win a sandwich platter, salad and sodas 

This act of "culinary kindness" is made possible with support from
Ulster Savings Bank... supporting our communities for 170 years.


The WBPM Workplace Of The Week wins a lunch platter to
feed approximately ten people.  If your office wins, you
have the option to add more salad, additional sandwiches
and drinks to your prize package for an extra charge
by calling Alex at Home Plate Deli ...
845 336 7384.
Please be aware that many offices or workplaces have security restrictions
that prevent the Workplace Of The Week Lunch from being delivered to you: 
Problem sites include schools and many government agencies / offices.

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* How many people will be in
your lunch party?
( It's food for 10... but you
can pay to add additional):


* What department do you work in?
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